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We've been there.

We were founders too.

The startup founder is on a lonely and tumultuous journey. Things often feel overwhelming and unpredictable. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Enjoy The Work is an advisory firm built by founders for founders. We know the path you’re on and what’s coming next.

A new form of advisor.

You’ve seen it before. In the traditional relationship, the founder is not sure when to reach out to the advisor, while the advisor passively waits to be called upon. Infrequent meetings typically result in an introduction or two. The value is often limited and short lived. Instead of a relationship of regular dialogue and depth, it’s shallow and transactional.

Enjoy The Work brings a different approach. We provide regular hands-on wisdom and structure. We partner with our founders every single step of the way using battle tested frameworks to classic startup challenges in order to smooth the bumpy path from idea to sustainable business.

You don’t have to guess what’s coming around the corner.

The startup learning curve is steep, and no founder should be expected to have all the answers. Our team delivers functional expertise in every facet of startup operations, from hiring, to fundraising, to culture development, to marketing & sales. With dozens of startups in our portfolio, we take great pride in helping passionate founders realize visions from cradle to exit. Because, while it takes grit to be an entrepreneur, it takes skill to be a founder. We’re here to teach that skill.

We know the questions founders care about...

Is my idea worth pursuing?
How do I raise capital?
How do I win customers?
How do I grow operations to support these customers?
How do I build a high performing team/culture?

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