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Growth Services

You've landed your first few customers; now what?

You have some early users and have begun testing potential revenue streams. Now the question becomes, how do you find and gain A LOT more of both? Going from zero to a sustainable lead generation engine is not a simple task.

So many start-ups get stuck at this stage. They’ve raised seed funding on the strength of a shipped product and early customers; but, they fall short of a Series A, lacking a repeatable way to acquire customers.

We're not for everyone. Can you say YES to the following questions?

Do you have a clear sense of your target customer?
Is customer growth among the top 3 most important things for your business right now?
Do you currently have customers or users?
Do you believe that paid digital marketing on one or more of the following channels – Facebook, LinkedIn, AdWords – makes sense for your business?
Do you have a sense of pricing, or do you know how much a customer is worth to you?
Do you have at least a $10k ad budget with which to test and learn?

What we do

120 day rapid lead gen deployment; we build the foundation and then teach you to run with it

30 days

Asset inventory and creation; infrastructure set-up; target audience planning

30 days

Initial media purchases; baseline results; basic site optimization efforts

60 days

Iterative testing; visuals/text/audience combinations; identification of winning formula to reach target CPC/CPA/CTR; hand-off to internal team and/or collaboration on talent hiring

Recent and Current Growth Projects

ETW was able to swiftly step in and design an effective, efficient, and systematic Facebook ad strategy. They are able to do what is critical in modern marketing – combining creativity and analysis to find the best results. I would recommend them highly to any startup who wants to build a digital marketing process on demand.

Nick Kohut, CEO of Dash Robotics, Inc.