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Entrepreneurs are launching companies all across the world, and we’re committed to helping them no matter what city they call home. We’re proud to have portfolio companies with major presences in Mumbai, Toronto, Detroit, New York, Mexico City, Los Angeles and of course Silicon Valley.

ETW's Current Portfolio

Silicon Valley

  • HoneyBook
  • Passport
  • Nextbiotics Logo

New York

  • Prompt Tutoring
  • PlayerPager
  • ViaHero
  • Mira
  • simplesense
  • Gencove
  • wework
  • Kalo logo

Los Angeles

  • RealtyMogul


Pacific Northwest

  • Minnow



  • Jonathan is a killer CEO coach. Whether the topic is fundraising, hiring, or business thinking, Jonathan is a pro and an excellent mentor. He's very responsive, listens to what you're saying, and is great at challenging assumptions. Working with him as a been a big boon to our business and my career.
    Nick Kohut
    CEO, Dash Robotics, Inc.
  • Jonathan is in it with you. When he references strategy he does not use the pronoun you, but we or us. Any entrepreneur that is in the trenches knows that it is that mentality you need by your side. Jonathan is an indispensable team member, trusted advisor, and genuine friend that will give you tough love when you need it and positive affirmation when you deserve it. His expertise is invaluable and has helped us grow many facets of our business; when he is not the subject matter expert, he has resources and a vast bench he quickly leverages.
    Benjamin Kanner
    Founder & CEO at Worklete
  • Anu has been a guiding force in shaping TraveLibro into the product it is today. We have been fortunate enough to be mentored by him. He has great insights and knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. He makes sure that we understand the importance of analytics, revenue streams, valuations' and fundraising. Anu has been available at odd hours to resolve any pressing need that we have had. His professionalism and work ethic are second to none. The wealth of knowledge that he brings to TraveLibro is irreplaceable, and we genuinely value his time and efforts in helping us become the global brand we are meant to be.
    Monish Shah
    Co-founder at TraveLibro
  • Jonathan is a sage advisor with a consistently steady hand and thoughtful and intentional way of looking at problems and finding solutions. His energy is at once calming and energetic. He thinks fast but takes his time to communicate and is incredibly gifted at seeing all sides of a situation. He can deliver realistic and sometimes hard advice in a way that is optimistic but not artificial. Most importantly he is just a good human. I can’t say enough about him as an advisor to our early stage company and highly recommend asking him for advice and then listening to every single thing he says.
    Sarah Schaaf
    CEO at Headnote
  • We have worked with Jonathan & ETW for a couple years now and it has been an extremely valuable experience. From events/programming to candid coaching it has by far been one of the most fruitful business relationships I've had since starting my company.
    Stephanie Lampkin
    Founder and CEO at Blendoor
  • Jonathan is a fantastic coach, mentor, and adviser! He successfully shepherded us through a founder separation and did so with such precision and excellence that we were compelled to bring him on as an advisor on ongoing basis. As someone who cares tremendously about emotional intelligence, I can say, without question, his EQ is among the best I’ve seen. Additionally, he brings our particular team a focus and diligence with regard to sales, marketing and growth hacking that we sorely lacked. He also brings vast knowledge on HR and hiring methodologies. All that said, I suspect we have only just scratched the surface of his capabilities.
    Michael Solomon
    Founder at 10X Management
  • Anu is an incredibly gifted and committed advisor to technology start-ups. He has played an instrumental role in advising us since inception. I highly recommend him.
    Federico Baradello
    Founder & CEO at DealSyte
  • Working with ETW has been among the best investments we’ve made since founding StreamLoan 2 years ago. Startups face a thousand small yet crucial decisions. It’s a constant challenge to see through all of the noise and do the work that actually moves the company forward. Since partnering with ETW, we’ve successfully closed financing, shipped product, hired great talent and generated our first dollars of revenue. Our team of course drove the car, but ETW has been the special gasoline to help us go so much faster.
    Stephen Bulfer
    CEO / Co-founder at StreamLoan