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Jonathan is a fantastic coach, mentor, and adviser! He successfully shepherded us through a founder separation and did so with such precision and excellence that we were compelled to bring him on as an advisor on ongoing basis. As someone who cares tremendously about emotional intelligence, I can say, without question, his EQ is among the best of seen and rising fast. Additionally, he brings our particular team a focus and diligence with regard to sales, marketing and growth hacking that we sorely lacked. He also brings vast knowledge on HR and hiring methodologies. All that said, I suspect we have only just scratched the surface of his capabilities. He’s a keeper and we are keeping him for sure.

Michael Soloman, Founder 10x Management + Brick Wall Management

Jonathan is in it with you. When he references strategy he does not use the pronoun you, but we or us. Any entrepreneur that is in the trenches knows that it is that mentality you need by your side.

Jonathan is an indispensable team member, trusted advisor, and genuine friend that will give you tough love when you need it and positive affirmation when you deserve it. His expertise is invaluable and has helped us grow many facets of our business; when he is not the subject matter expert, he has resources and a vast bench he quickly leverages.

Benjamin Kanner, CEO of Worklete

Jonathan is a killer CEO coach. Whether the topic is fundraising, hiring, or business thinking, Jonathan is a pro and an excellent mentor. He’s very responsive, listens to what you’re saying, and is great at challenging assumptions. Working with him as a been a big boon to our business and my career.

Nick Kohut, CEO of Dash Robotics, Inc.

Jonathan has been an invaluable sounding board for all the ups and downs I’ve faced as an entrepreneur. Always there to lend a non-judgmental ear and provide no bullshit advice and perspective that has helped me better understand the unspoken rules of the startup game and become a more sophisticated CEO because of it.
With a lot of folks out there claiming to be “value add” I can honestly say Jonathan is the real deal.

Eric Dy, Founder and CEO of Bloomlife

Jonathan and his team at ETW have been tremendously helpful to us at Enview with making better decisions. He has the experience to guide and the courage to challenge us. And he does it with grace that makes him pleasure to work with.

Krassimir Piperkov, Cofounder and COO of Enview

Working with ETW has been among the best investments we’ve made since founding StreamLoan 2 years ago. Startups face a thousand small yet crucial decisions. It’s a constant challenge to see through all of the noise and do the work that actually moves the company forward. Since partnering with ETW, we’ve successfully closed financing, shipped product, hired great talent and generated our first dollars of revenue. Our team of course drove the car but ETW has been the special gasoline to help us go so much faster.

Stephen Bulfer, Founder and CEO of StreamLoan