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Startup Training

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In addition to working intimately one-on-one with a roster of startup founders, Enjoy The Work offers literature and training materials to reach a wider audience of startups. We partner with accelerators, incubators, and venture portfolios to deliver our content in three levels of depth.

Written Content

We provide frameworks and templates to speed founders’ maturation across topics ranging from raising capital to formulating business partnerships to how to coach an underperforming team member.

“The startup training content from the Enjoy The Work team is among the best I’ve seen. We’ve been fortunate to have Jonathan run workshops for our cohorts for years; and every year, those talks are ranked among the highest of all the ones we provide to our founders.”

Caroline Winnett
Executive Director

Virtual Training

We have a menu of 60-90 minute talks that can be delivered either in-person or via webinar/podcast. Example topics: hiring at scale, goal setting, building a culture that lasts, and more.

“I’m a big fan of Enjoy The Work’s approach to coaching and trusted advisory for startup leaders. Leslie ran a fantastic podcast-style training for our community of early stage companies. The talk received very positive reviews from the community – we look forward to our next collaboration with Enjoy The Work.”

Evan Lewis
Program Director

Immersive Bootcamps

The most impactful method for delivering our content, Enjoy The Work immersion programs take the form of day-long bootcamps. Our bootcamps are recommended particularly for companies entering a rapid growth phase (post product market fit) where the focus is on how to build an organization that can keep pace with demand.

“The Enjoy The Work team ran a day-long bootcamp for Demo Day at IndieBio. 20+ founders attended – the majority of which are already asking when we’ll hold another one. Thank you Leslie & Devan!”

Maya Lockwood
Communications Director

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