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What We Do

We’re in the trenches with you

You’ve got the loneliest job in the world; you’re the CEO of a start-up. You have limited resources, face enormous uncertainty, and must deal with established competitors, all while expressing relentless optimism. You must find ways to eliminate risks despite seeing risks everywhere you turn.

We can help you see around the curve in the road. How? We’ve already been there. The founder of ETW ran a $1B business segment for a public company, turned around a $150M distressed holding company, founded/sold a venture backed startup, and then led the growth of a hyper growth fintech SaaS start-up. He can help founders avoid pain and steer towards success because he’s done it himself.

All Start-Up founders worry about the same 5 questions.

How do I raise capital?
How do I scale operations to match demand?
How do I build a great culture and a great team?
How do I lead effectively?
How do I repeatedly win new customers?

We're here to help. What we do:

We work with our founders every week
We help you set strategy and then provide the tactical tools and frameworks to hit your milestones
We’re available when you need us (panic attack at 1am? Just pick up the phone)
We bring in our specialized partners when specific expertise is required

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