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What We Do

Startup wisdom from START to finish.

You’ve got the loneliest job in the world; you’re the CEO of a start-up. You have limited resources, face enormous uncertainty, and must deal with established competitors, all while expressing relentless optimism. You must find ways to eliminate risks despite seeing risks everywhere you turn.

We can help you see around the curve in the road. We’ve worked with hundreds of founders. While every entrepreneur is working on a unique opportunity, the path to success is less unique. We’ve found that every startup faces the same core questions below, and we’ve built our own proprietary framework to uncover the answers unique to each of our founder’s businesses. We teach, we collaborate, we support at every stage of the journey from seedling idea through mature operation.

We work with our clients on:

Every company has a story. Why you’re in business. What you solve for in the world. Why it matters and who it impacts. A good story attracts first customers, early hires, innovative partners and willing investors. A story is not just a brief yarn to tell your friends. Done well, the story in all its forms evokes emotion while establishing vision and pulls your market towards you.

Every problem can be solved by the right team. A fully aligned, passionate, and competent group of startup entrepreneurs does not happen by accident. There is a science to sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, negotiating and onboarding. And once you’ve successfully brought great people into the fold, managing them for success is the next hurdle.

Have you identified a pain in the world? Do you know a very specific audience that has that pain? Have you first described and then built a solution to that pain? Does it work? What is the optimum process by which first to generate qualified leads and then to convert those leads into customers? And most importantly, if you’re lucky enough to do it once, what experiments will you run to uncover how to run the process a thousand times over?

Fundraising is not luck. It’s a discipline. 1/100 startups successfully raise institutional capital. First you have to learn the pillars for a good raise and then if you’re fortunate enough to raise the funds your business requires, your focus will shift to make sure you invest the capital wisely before you burn it all away.

The startup ceases being a startup when the company is fully mature, predictable, and generating enormous sums of free cash flow. At certain predictable inflection points, the scrappy functions that worked so well to test and learn, no longer work to ensure your existing employees, customers, and partners are supported for bigger growth.

The nuts and bolts:

We work with our founders every week
We help you set strategy and then provide the tactical tools and frameworks to hit your milestones
We’re available when you need us (panic attack at 1am? Just pick up the phone)
We bring in our specialized partners when specific expertise is required
We hold exclusive events for our community of founders on topics ranging from PR to recruiting
We both author and curate extensive thought leadership in entrepreneurship and company building

Our Partners

Startups need a lot of help. They need lawyers, accountants, insurance, recruiters, creative agencies, PR firms and more. We’ve carefully cultivated a population of providers specific to the startup ecosystem. When our portfolio companies ask us the question, “…who do you know that is great at X?” we want to have an answer every time.

We are proud to have relationships with:

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